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People and their familiar surroundings are of particular concern to us. We offer them the best protection through our legal advice. We enjoy of a great experience working on a one to one basis. We assimilate any situation and its circumstances and we offer the best solution to any legal dispute.

As a limited example, not limitative, we reffer to the following matters:

  • Family
    • Procedure of mutual agreement in separations and/or divorces, modification of measures, liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, affiliation, guardianship, handicaps etc.
    • Legal proceedings of separation and or divorce, modification of measures, liquidation of the matrimonial property, affiliation, guardianship, handicaps etc.
  • Lease contracts of houses, business premises, rental claims, evictions…
  • Contracts: Draftings of contracts, review, resolution, breach of contracts…
    • Purchase agreement
    • Donation
    • Execution of building projects
    • Bail
    • Swap
    • Loans
    • Etc.
  • Familiar conflicts negotiations
  • Debts claims (judicial and extrajudicial)
  • Heritages
    • Advice on testament preparation.
    • Heirs declaration.
    • Adjudication and division of estates.
    • Contestation of testamentary disposition.
    • Etc.
  • Civil procedures, mortgages, declaratives and executives
  • Contractual and extracontractual responsability, punitive damages
  • Fundamental rights protection. Civil protection of the right to honour, privacy and right to self-image

Our fees get adjusted to the needs of the client, by a Budget, also by matter or by continuous advice.

Business Law

Contact us in order for us to analize your needs and prepare a tailor estimate, by subject or by continued counceling.

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