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Our story, the future with your company

In 1964, Rafael Blanes, sets up “Blanes abogados” with the objective to go along with companies in its legal scope. We have been more than half century aside big, medium and small companies which we have seen originate, grow and we have advice from our experience in Business and Civil Law.

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Business Law

More than 50 years devoted to Business Law make our team competent to offer the best and more complete advice in areas related with your Company. Counting on us is counting that your company will have the legal coverage that it needs, both on a national and on an international scope.

Civil Law

Your protection and that of your family is important for us. That’s the reason why, from our law firm we want to give you the highest protection and legal advice in all Civil Law scope. We are skilled on working one to one, understanding each situation and offering the best solutions to any formality.

Global Services Omnilex

“Blanes Abogados” is a law firm associated to Omnilex to offer world-wide advice and also help you in your international investments.

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